Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Greatest Gift Ever Received...

April 8, 2011, 4:10am, marked the happiest moment in my and Jake's life.  April 7th was such a painful day, but it was worth it.  The moment I saw Matteo, my heart leaped with joy and love for him, despite feeling weak after the delivery.  It was such a day to remember and nothing could ever equal that precious moment.

Even until now, I'm having these mixed and fear tops them all.  Joy of having my precious little one in my life, joy of watching my husband having moments with his son, and at the same time, there's the fear of failing as a good mom to Matteo.  I know life isn't perfect, but the thought of failing as a mom to my son in any aspect scares me.

But, I have my husband to stay beside me and care for Matteo for the rest of our lives.  Our relationship as a couple have failed several times, but we stood together through all of it.  And as days go by, my happiness goes to the nth level every time I see hubby hug and kiss Baby Matteo.  It's like an assurance for me that his love for us will be forever and nothing and no one will ever break our family apart.  We will get through every thing together...

Jake and Matteo are my strength, happiness...MY LIFE...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Matteo Nicholas...

2 days from now and I'm due to give birth to our first baby...hubby and I are so excited to see our own little one...

Currently on inggit-mode to my kabatchmates...2 of them already gave birth and the other is on her way to the hospital...

Since I learned that I'm pregnant, I was already inclined on naming my baby, Daniel Nicholas...but it was just this morning that I changed my mind.  I just finished typing the details to be put in my baby's birth certificate, so mistakes will be avoided, if not minimized.

Matteo Nicholas...mama and daddy are excited to hold you in our arms

hugs and kisses!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So this is how it feels...

For almost two years, I was busy prepping for our wedding.  Discussing things with prospective suppliers, haggling...I was sooo appreciative even with the littlest things they did for me.  Until now that our wedding is finished, I don't think I will ever get tired of commending those who have made our wedding "A Day to Remember" in our lives.

My w@w kumares and I ventured into coordination and along with that, I started up a small business which is wedding cord and unity candle making.  Glad to say that Events and Celebrations by Allianz Sisters is doing good and have booked several clients already.:)  I must say we are doing well in assisting our couples in their preps.  Hoping and praying that things would go even better in the coming days.:)

As for my Binds 2 Forever business, a fellow w@w sister, Len ni Orj, ordered a wedding cord for her sister-in-law, my first client after the official launch.  I was so excited that the day after she confirmed her order, I went out and bought the materials I needed.  It took me a couple of hours, I think, in choosing the materials I'd be using...LOL!:)  Did the cord the moment I got home...dismantled...did it all over again...and voila!  Here are some of the pictures hubby took of the blue crystal beads wedding cord for Sis Len's SIL.:)


I, myself, fell in love with the cord I made for Len's SIL.:)  I find it simple yet really elegant and eye-catching because of its color.

And this, made my day:

Now, I know how our wedding suppliers felt upon reading my messages for them after our wedding...this warmed my heart and inspired me even more to come up with designs for my upcoming clients.:)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Misses Blogging...

It has been a while since my last post.  Must have been caught up with things that matter most these days.:)

Me and hubby, as well as our family and friends are really excited in welcoming Baby Nicholas in the outside world.  Overwhelming gifts, prayers and wishes for our first just makes me feel so much loved.

There have been things that I put on hold for a while, nevertheless, I'll be bringing them out in the open in the coming weeks.  For now, it will be Baby Nicholas, hubby, and me...:)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

11.7.10 Accomplishments...

Sunday RD is very rare for we made the most out of least for Jake's attire and BM measurement taking for their gowns...:) Happiness coz things went according to plan...:)

Our deal with Mang Rey Casedo pushed through...we were in search of a quality barong for Jake in a reasonable price. And since all of his GMs will be wearing barong, we both wanted his' to be different and recognizable among others. For these requirements, Mang Rey is just the man!:)

Mang Rey dropped by our place and took Jake's measurements...paid DP...voila! Next week, Jake's pants and barong will be delivered to us...:)

After Mang Rey left, we prepared to meet my dear BMs so their measurements be taken as well...we opted to have it made by my gown-maker as well, my mom will be taking care of the little girls gowns.:)

11.7.10 went swiftly as we have accomplished the things we were set out to do...little details are still in my to-do list...praying i'd be able to finish 'em on time.:)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moving on with the preps...

It has been weeks since I stopped prepping for the wedding..."petics mode" as we call it. While others are crunching on their to-do lists, here I am, blogging, playing Cafe World, and taking all the time in the world in choosing pictures for the Guestbook and waiting for h2b to complete his entourage so I could pass the list to our Invites Supplier...

Yes, we already have booked our Invites Supplier last October 15 at Kasalan 2010 in Megamall. We got Printrade Society Printers. I intended to do it myself but I have been too lazy to do things lately, not to mention my printer is not cooperating so we decided on getting a supplier for our invites. Jake wanted it simple, I wanted it embossed, we both don't wanna spend too much on it...Printrade answered our requirements.:) We got a really nice deal with them.

I spent my Tuesday with the partials.:)

Left home at 10:30 am to get our Birth Certificates and CENOMAR. It was already past 11am when I arrived at NSO, but I was done at 12:15pm. Maybe it was due to Typhoon Juan that there were only a few who went to NSO. Gone through the long process despite the NSO service that SM Service Center is offering, btw, SMSC is just on the lower floor of where I am working.:)

@1pm I was at CTK to get the request for Marriage Banns for publication. Done by 2:30pm. It took me longer because Mother Lily had to double check on my Parish Church.

Traveled all the way from Greenmeadows to Ermita to complete the 50% DP to our P/V, Vignette. Chose to do the payment personally despite the fact that Vignette has BDO account which is just a few tumblings away from where I am working.:)

Weird that I had to do it the long and tiring way, nevertheless, I enjoyed this day.:) Felt like a real hands-on bride-to-be.:) This, however, could have been more enjoyable if Jake had joined me, but work comes pay for the bills.hehehe!:)

60 more days to go...:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Engagement Shoot - Checked!:)

Location:  Lamesa Ecopark
Date:  September 20, 2o10
Photographer:  Henry of Vignette Photography
HMUA:  Val Villarin

We're finally done with our prenup pictorial...Thank God, one task from our to-do's is being scratched off the list.:)  It was tiring but fun...:)  We were blessed with a very nice & excellent photographer.:)  We soooo love our pictures and it was hard to choose which to for the mean time, here are some of our faves, others to follow...:)

Btw, Jake  edited the pics a bit using PS...:)

Happy browsing!:)